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Target Reviews

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  • Online ordering--don't do it!!

    SHOP AMAZON INSTEAD!! I ordered a pergola on line then noticed if I put in a code I could get additional discount. Within 60 minutes- I tried to amend the order with the code. It ended up ordering a second item. The re-order tab evidently did not mean modify an existing order. I called customer service. Even though the item had not been shipped I was told that an online order could only be changed within 30 minutes otherwise it had to be delivered to the house then return it. Eventually they said they could stop the order. The next day the item was shipped anyway. I called again after a... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    chartwig's Picture   chartwig    0 Comments   Comments
  • Order cancelled without requesting one

    I bought the zip phone printer on cyber Monday at target.Com. They had a pretty good deal so I placed the order and after a day they confirmed a delay on the ship to store which I was ok with it since it's for Christmas. After checking my emails every day I saw one on 12/1 which said The item was going to be delayed and it I wanted to cancelled the order I would be totally refunded which I didn't want to because I still wanted the item. Right after that I received another email stating the order was cancelled, very upset because I did not requested that and the advertisement... More...
    Wachipuppy's Picture   Wachipuppy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target, Archer Farms products

    I purchased an Archer Farms pizza tonight from Target. It was the most horrible pizza I have purchased from this store and I do not intend to buy anymore Archer Farm products. The tomatoes looked and tasted old and the arugula tasted like watered down spinach. The pizza was $5 and I am extremely disappointed that I spent my hard-earned money on a product that looked completely different from the picture when I took it out of the box. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    laraywood's Picture   laraywood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never getting my business again.

    Target has lost my business forever. I purchased an Xbox One from this location on 12/11/2014. The boxing looked a little worn, but I was anxious to play and didn't think it was a big deal. Upon starting my Xbox I entered the Destiny game I had just bought an noticed the Xbox was having trouble taking the disk. With a little push the disk went in, however the Xbox could not read the game. I tried 3 more times, same thing. I also tried a few DVDs and the Xbox would not take, read or return the disks cleanly. Ok, broken unit, i'll go back to Target and exchange it. When i tried... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    AndyYedvob's Picture   AndyYedvob    1 Comments   Comments
  • Archer Farms frozen turkey was just plain BAD

    I bought an Archer Farms turkey at Target about a week ago - a nice sized 12 pound bird that that came in a plastic cooking bag with no need to defrost before cooking. I read the instructions, took off the outer plastic cover, plumped up the inner plastic bag, and cooked the turkey for 4 1/2 hours per directions. I ended up with a tasteless, watery, stringy bird that pretty much ruined the whole meal. This is the first and last Archer Farms product I've tried, and definitely the worst turkey I've ever tasted. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    glmt620's Picture   glmt620    2 Comments   Comments
  • Coupons don't work!

    I am so frusterated with Target. I spend thousands of dollars there a year and recently I've had nothing but trouble with their coupons and free gift card offers. I recently visited the Inver Grove store with a retailer coupon for Huggies diapers. I got the coupon from Target last time I was there - it even had the red circle logo on it. The coupon wouldn't work and when the store manager was called, she said that I was out of luck and this is a corporate coupon and they don't honor it. How can you not honor something that you gave me, and specifically said "use at... More...
    Jglynn12's Picture   Jglynn12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target Paw Patrol clothing, bedding

    I was shopping online for Nickelodeon Paw Patrol items,particularly clothes and bedding. Paw Patrol is hard enough to find in stock anywhere, so I was elated to see that Target had them available, UNTIL I noticed the shirts that had all characters on it was missing SKYE (the girl pup). Not only was she missing from a couple different shirts, she was missing from the bedding set (blanket)! My son loves Paw Patrol, and I couldn't wait to buy what I could for him since Christmas was around the bend, but it disappoints me that Target would sell items that are misprinted, and why they... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mebulger10's Picture   mebulger10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful experience

    I ordered A beard trimmer and hair clippers from target online and waited for the order to arrive at my residence. I had ordered on the 22nd of september, and it was suppose to arrive on the 29th. Nothing ever came in the mail, nor did I receive any notification that anything was amiss. I waited a week after the 29th (thinking maybe it was just late), then decided to call, I could no longer wait any longer because I was getting in trouble at work for having my hair/facial hair unkept. The person I talked to told me that there was a problem with my address, and that they put the money back... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    cigarcity's Picture   cigarcity    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target return policy

    When returning a few new clothing items that were the wrong size I found that I was only reimbursed 70% of the value of items even though this amount went onto a gift card and at no time since purchase these items were on sale. I was expected to pay full retail value in identical items even though I was only given 70% back. After calling target to complain I was blown off and told that this is their policy. Buyers beware, target actually steals from you! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Janelhudson's Picture   Janelhudson    1 Comments   Comments
  • Target pharmacy

    The pharmacists needs axcillariy help to assist with the people, at all times. They are assuming great responibility trying to fill perscrpitions and still be available to the public. I have found the pharmacist tryingn to answer questions and still do every thing else. to assist making every thing flow efficiently. I am sure there is enough of a profit to provide help. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Mslusser12's Picture   Mslusser12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gardening hose ROOM ESSENTIALS

    I would not EVER recommend this gardening hose, "COIL HOSE WITH MULTI-PATTERN NOZZLE". It was close to 100 degrees in my home town and I was very much in need of a replacement hose to water my side yard of 1.8 acres, after my previous hose wore out. I made a special trip to purchase this item. This coil hose "pinched off" the water supply everywhere I tried to place it, even 20 feet from the water source and it is a 50 Ft. hose. VERY UNHAPPY. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    NotAGoodBuy's Picture   NotAGoodBuy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target employees rude and overcharged

    I live by a target and shop there regularly, but my last visit was terrible. At the check out line, I was overcharged on an item and pointed it out to the cashier that they were shelved with a different price. She shrugged it off and said "that sometimes happens" and continued with the transaction. Annoyed but in a hurry, my husband and I took the bags she handed us and left. Once home, I realized I had a bag that wasn't mine so I turned around and drove back to target to return it. There I was treated as if I had purposefully stolen the merchandise and they started the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ficklefriend's Picture   ficklefriend    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost Patio Furniture

    The incompetence of Target never ceases to amaze me. I placed an order for a Smith-Hawken patio chair in mid May. The following week I decided to buy a second chair and placed that order. So now I have two orders expected to deliver. One in early June, the second mid June. Neither order shows up. So I contact Target and they escalate the process to find the orders. I get an email telling me they are think about this, two orders and both are lost. I am told there are no other chairs in stock and there is nothing they can do to help me. So at this point, one would... More...
    JHarris's Picture   JHarris    0 Comments   Comments
  • Severe Allergic Reaction to Market Pantry Brownie Bites

    We purchased the Market Pantry Brownie Bites last night. My daughter has an allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. The ingredient list was fine, and the allergy statement said "contains: egg, wheat, and dairy. A few bites into the brownie my daughter went into anaphylactic shock!!! Thankfully I had the proper medication to treat her immediately, a trip the ER and steroids later, she is fine. Target needs better allergy labeling policies in place, such as "may contain" or "made on shared equipment". Due to the lack of proper labeling my daughter nearly died last... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    88ama88's Picture   88ama88    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mirror Keeps Falling off Horrible!

    Being awoken several times in the night from a crashing shaving mirror in the shower is not a pleasant way to be awoken in the middle of the night. This product by Interdesign not only has horrible reviews, but Target is still continuing to sell this product without the disclaimer that this product doesn't deliver. I request a refund of the purchase price of this product. More...
    brent4745's Picture   brent4745    0 Comments   Comments
  • You may get harrassed

    I went into the Target store at Mondawmin because I needed some paper for my computer. While I was there I figured I should just go ahead and get some things for my daughter because her birthday was coming up on Sunday. I really wanted to get them from Walmart because the price is slightly less, but Target had some nice tops and skirts. My husband was with me along with our son, daughter and baby boy in his stroller. After we got everything, paid and my son was pushing the stroller out with his baby brother in it all I heard was "whose stroller is this?' I walked up and told the... More...
    CeeTee's Picture   CeeTee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target does not honor there Protection Replacement Plan

    HORRIBLE customer service. Purchased not ONE but THREE Nokia Lumia 520 within 2 years...which all have broke. Finally purchased a replacement plan that I was advised by a representative would cover the phone replacement. Spoke with a "supervisor" by the name of Mervin ID: 151624 who refused to get me a manager who can help and informed me that the phone is not covered by my protection plan that I purchased due to a "crack" Why purchase a protection plan that can't be used? Why offer a plan that you REFUSE to honor? This is beyond unacceptable. And all I asked for is... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    cmmally31's Picture   cmmally31    0 Comments   Comments
  • Food For Thought from a "Valued Customer"

    Just some food for thought. We ordered a Wii U because all of our local targets were out of them. That week they were offering a 25.00 gift card. My wife asked for a rain check and the clerk told her to order it online. She asked if she would still get the 25.00 gift card and he said that we would still get it. We ordered it and did not receive the gift card. When I called I was treated as though I was telling a lie! I spend over 1500.00 a month at Target and I don't think I am going to lie over 25 bucks. I was put on hold for over 15 minutes and then was told that they can see... More...
    Johnalt's Picture   Johnalt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Up and Up dishwasher rinse aid from Target

    I bought up & up dishwasher rinse aid. I should have known better because their dryer sheets were worthless. The rinse aid claims to be spotless and dishes will come out "clean and shiny." They say it works on plastic. My plastic items came out cloudy like a stormy day, they were so cloudy. These are plastic items I have had for a long time and have been through lots of dishwasher cycles without having any issues. Up an Up ruined them in one wash. It wasn't just a little cloudy. They were no longer see through at all. I'm taking the product and a glass to the store... More...
  • Questioned about a product purchased at another store

    I was shopping at a local Target this afternoon for diapers and I always browse the aisles to see if there are any items that I need for my baby. I always purchase the Happy Tot food pouches from the military commissary because they are priced cheaper but since I was at Target I decided to pick up a few pouches while I was there. I have a one year old and it was time for her to eat so I reached into my diaper bag and pulled out a Happy Tot pouch to tie my daughter over until we got home. I didn't think much about it until I went to the check out and the sales clerk asked me if she... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mscourson's Picture   mscourson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Up and up diapers

    We have used Target diapers for our 18 month old and now our 4 month old. Being a family of 5 with one income I was so happy with the quality and price of target up and up diapers. So much I would tell our friends to use the. Now all of a sudden they have started to leak on us. During nap time and at night. Not only that but some of the tabs are missing from some. I've gave it a second chance now but we are forced to sadly change brands now. I'm very disappointed. More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Vbranammommy's Picture   Vbranammommy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Website said merchandise was available at store

    The Target website stated an item was available at my local store. At the store, they told me there were 4 of the items in stock. Turns out there were zero in stock. Customer service called another store who said the item was in stock there, so I drove there the next day and there were zero in stock. There were also zero apologies or smiles. I called a customer service line to talk with a friendly enough person whom I could barely understand, she had such a heavy accent. She told me to order the item online and have it delivered to my local store. I did after much hassle - the website... More...
  • Target in Birmingham, Al on highway 280

    I made a purchase of 4 pair of pants, a shirt (all for my 16 year old son), blackberries, celery, glade air freshner, and glade air wick. $56.00 worth of merchandise. I forgot my air freshner and air wick. I called the store the next morning. I made the purchase the night before. I was told they had it, put on hold then told, no it was placed back on the shelf. I asked something that has been paid for you put it back on the shelf. I was politely told yes and I could come and get it with my receipt. I told her I had already searched for what I wanted why go and look for what I had... More...
    SHELATHIA's Picture   SHELATHIA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Employees giving faulse estatements

    On 12/21/14 I bought a Magnavo T>V at Target Santa Ana (Bristol Street) in California. The employee offered me an extended guaranty of3 years for $29.00. I agreed to buy it. And I asked him if the total coverage for my T.V. was going to be 4 years and he answered YES, one year that the manufacturer give plus the 3 years that I was buying. A few days later I have to call Target to register my guaranty and I asked again the employee that answer the phone the time of my coverage and she answered me 3 YEARS. I started complaining about the year of difference and I was told that this was a... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    belkis1947's Picture   belkis1947    0 Comments   Comments
  • Didnt get my full money back and employes have no RESPECT for customers!

    I am very upset to say that Target of Linden nj has employes there that have no customer manners. On Novermber 26, 2013 I was in making my normal weekly shopping trip, along with my Target flyer and my manufacture couponsper item that i was purchasing : - 5 glade seasonal items (sale price $2.99 each) (buy 5 get a $5.00 Target gift card) Once completing my purchase i saw on the reciept that i was charged $4.99 for each item other then one of them that came up the sale price, so i proceeded to head over to the customer service desk so they could better break it down to me ... Well... More...
    divajesika's Picture   divajesika    0 Comments   Comments
  • book case with enough backing on it

    I bought a 5 shelf bookcase from Target item#0021 and it was unreal putting it together in the first place and hwne it came to putting the back together which was nothing but 2 pieces of plastic taped together there wasn[t enough of the plastic backing to cover the back to screw it on for Q 1 and when it came to Q2 to be put on it was tooo long and the so called holes didnt' match up to where the other holes were and still to small to fit the back of the so called book case here. They need to have their company in China to make the book case a little better here. If I am paying that... More...
    sweet16's Picture   sweet16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target wouldn't send pajamas to my PO Box

    I went to Target's online ordering and chose a pair of child pajamas for my granddaughter. It was exactly what she had asked for for her birthday. I started to do the online checkout, and discovered that Target will not send online purchase to a PO box. I know that some states do not allow things to be delivered to a PO box, but Florida is one of the states that allows them. Other companies have sent things to our PO box with no trouble at all. The nearest Target is a fair distance from our home, and with gas prices and wear and tear on the car I hoped to save a trip.So, I chose... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Louise53's Picture   Louise53    0 Comments   Comments
  • Targets Threshold kitchen island dysfunctional

    Took a week to assemble Threshold kitchen island as ran out of glue. Got it together and doors would not close at all. Called customer service and all they could offer was sending out parts or telling me to return it. Neither is possible since the whole thing is glued and it would be ruined to dissassemble it. They have their customer service hands tied with a idiotic parameters. So nothing logical that would work was offered and I am stuck with this dysfunctional island. Worst experience. More...
    Kelly55's Picture   Kelly55    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad online customer service

    This is the email I sent online to Target cs- received No response! To whom it may concern; The customer service rep that took my call was very RUDE, did not listen to me, and refused to put a supervisor on when I asked for one. The person I talk to said his name was Ben- and after many times of asking for a last name or employee # was given this number ref # 3-890354697. I am very unhappy with the service I received- he (Ben) said hold then did not put his phone on mute- I heard him laughing and caring on another conversation- about me and my order- When he came back on line I did tell him... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    pawleys's Picture   pawleys    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service (As trained by company procedures)

    I was totally shocked regarding the comments that were send out on the memo referring to Hispanics in such a racial profile manner. We are from a well educated family that has succeed in our futures due to the hard work, persistence, and above all the consistence of earning a living with our American dream as a vision and as a possibility of obtaining success due to our hard work. When I read the comments regarding the training that is done at Target I was immediately reminding of my ancestors whom had work so hard, at times having two to three jobs at one give time to ensure that we had... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    RRivera's Picture   RRivera    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target will not honor their advertised sale prices

    I was attempting to purchase over $1000.00 in baby gear and patio furniture through Target.All items were advertised as going on sale on 7-3-13 with the sale lasting for three days. I placed a $450 stroller, $100 play-pen, $300 patio set and various other items into my cart. When I attempted to check out, the items were no longer availabate. It was still the first day of the sale!!! My husband and I placed several calls to Customer Service. It took us two days before we were even able to speak to someone in the United States. Once we were speaking to a manager on 7-5-13, we were told the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    TamifromCA's Picture   TamifromCA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target Boots and Barkley Kitty Litter

    I'm not sure if I've ever formally written a complaint about a product, especially something as mundane as kitty litter. But I really would like Target to be aware of what a terrible product Boots and Barkley fragrance free scoopable cat litter is. I only have one cat, and have always purchased scoopable cat litter based on price. From what I've seen, there's little difference from one product to the next, but this product is just awful. Maybe someone behind the scenes can do a comparison of this brand to others. You'll see what I mean. More...
    troche's Picture   troche    0 Comments   Comments
  • Coupons and gift card

    I arrived excited at Target with my matched coupons for the items that were either on sale or would give a gift card if purchased. I asked an employee to check to see if my coupon would apply or work with the item (Tide). She scanned the item and confirmed it did work for the item. I continued shopping and matching coupons to products. I get to the register and the girl working it had NO idea you could use a target and a manufacturers coupon for 1 item... I said that you can but she said I couldn't...I asked for a manager and waited over 10 minutes with customers behind me glaring at... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Ekittredge's Picture   Ekittredge    0 Comments   Comments

    I bought a bike from Target on the very east side of Cincinnati, OH late night on a Friday since I was going on a bike ride the next day.I was told by the sales person that "the bike is returnable if there is anything wrong with it". I took the bike directly home (in my car), tags still on it, never ridden. Once home, I tried to adjust the seat and make sure the bike was good to go for the next morning to go on my ride. The seat would not stay up or remain still at all. The latch or something was definitely defective. I called the store first thing Saturday morning and was told... More...
    happyhita1's Picture   happyhita1    0 Comments   Comments
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