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Target Complaint - Target's shipping charges are ridiculous! - Tiverton patio furniture
Target Complaint

Target Complaint


Target's shipping charges are ridiculous! - Tiverton patio furniture

I used to love Target , but no more. I tried to buy $700 worth of patio furniture, only to discover that the shipping costs would be more than $170! That is egregious.

I went to 3 different stores (finally discovered the items could only be purchased online, and any shipping discounts could NOT be applied for these items!), called customer service, spoke to supervisors in guest services (where they are not even allowed to give out their last names) and even wrote a letter to the CEO. I made what I thought was a very reasonable suggestion -- send the furniture to any Target store in the area and I'd go pick it up. I was told, "Our infrastructure doesn't support that."

Well, MY infrastructure no longer supports shopping at Target!

I'll also be returning the $300 worth of furniture I've already purchased in the store because the matching items I want to buy for $700 are only carried online. Great way to run a business, Target.


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2DreamIt says: (8 years ago)
@The Customer - Yet another example of Target's poor customer service. Not getting any reasonable explanation in answer to your queries is so annoying! I suppose Target is just so big that it has made a business decision to ignore the most basic rules of good service. Target's customers (particularly for larger ticket items) tend to buy based on price alone - and this is Target's way of responding to that. For myself, depending on how important/valuable that purchase is, I will transact with the retailer who provides the best overall 'value'. And customer service definitely impacts overall value. (Hope you get your iPod soon! I buy Apple products direct from Apple only.)

TheCustomer says: (8 years ago)
I have made several online purchases from Target. I like there products and prices but they dod a lousy job with shipping. They are very slow in getting yur items out the door. I have had issues with items not shipping for a week after my purchase. I order an iPod for a Christmas present and they keep delaying the shipment date. What has me upset is they won't tell me why it is delayed. I have come right out and asked if it was back ordered or if they are just busy because of the holiddays. They can't or won't tell me. Every time I call they say it is shipping that day. It has been a week and severla phone calls and it has a status of "shipping soon".

2DreamIt says: (9 years ago)
If you've had "a few run ins" with Target and its employees, I'm surprised you're still shopping there. If you're satisfied, fine. I wasn't. And yes, I do find it unprofessional when a manager will not provide his/her name. In the current economic situation, I don't think businesses who repeatedly mishandle customer complaints will survive. I patronize stores where I am always treated well - multiple "run-ins" are not acceptable. I am always entitled to be treated as a valued customer - or I can vote 'with my feet' and take my business elsewhere. No one threw a tantrum -- and by the way, I'm not a youngster, why would you assume anything about my age? Again, you're certainly entitled to your opinions, but perhaps we should just agree to disagree. And you might do well to reread the Golden Rule yourself. Nothing like stereotyping someone you don't even know! :)

andbran says: (9 years ago)
i have been shopping at Target for many years. i have had a few run ins but i been satisfied with their customer service. of course i dont throw a tantrum when i dont get my way. the probelm with most people nowadays. every business has its "infrastructure" if they cant do a certain service you have to learn to accept that. and no one has to tell you their last name. that is their right as an individual. the problem with you young people is that you feel entitled to everything regardless how bad you act. reread the Golden Rule.

2DreamIt says: (9 years ago)
Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, andbran. It's worth mentioning that I was able to find virtually identical merchandise through a different online retailer who charged roughly half of what Target does for shipping. Target not only lost this particular order, it also lost the lifetime value of my patronage, which is considerable. Regardless of Target's business model and the ramifications of how to ship my order at a reasonable cost, the real point here is the abysmal state of Target's customer service. Managers who refuse to provide last names upon request? No offer of any kind of customer accommodation? No explanation other than, "our infrastructure doesn't support that"?? For every customer who goes out of his/her way to complain to higher management, there are many others who walk away from that retailer in disgust, never to return. Target is not known for its customer service and in the long run, that kind of thing tends to eat away at market share. And you don't have to look hard to find many other examples of Target's mishandling of complaints. I still rate Target's handling of my issue as a big, fat FAIL.

andbran says: (9 years ago)
actually i think u are being unreasonable. if any company were to do this where would they store it? i have worked in the backrooms of stores and i can tell u they are usually pretty pack. u just want to have your cake and eat it too

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